We’ve all been in situations where we desperately needed a pen, a flashlight, a screwdriver, or maybe even a bottle opener but didn’t have one available.

Thankfully, our Bull Point glass breaker pen with LED light will solve all of those problems and more. Even better, they are also standout writing implements. Perfectly balanced and made out of aerospace grade aluminum, every tactical pen we sell is something you’ll always want to have with you!

Check out our lineup of high-quality glass breaker pen multi-tools below.  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page where we break down the features of this clever multi-tool that fits neatly into your shirt pocket, briefcase or car visor.

The Best Glass Breaker Pen with LED Light + FAST Shipping (All orders of $45 or More Ship FREE)

Our Bull Point glass breaker pen with LED light will ship to anywhere in the United States ((yes, Alaska, Hawaii, US Protectorates and APO/AE addresses included) and will arrive at most addresses in less than a week (sometimes only a few days).

Our Bull Point multi-tool glass breaker pen is constructed of lightweight, yet durable
aerospace aluminum. What’s more, they come with an ink cartridge in the pen and a spare ink cartridge for later. When you’ve gone through the two supplied cartridges, they are easily replaceable with standard Cross® ink cartridge refills which are available at any general office supply store and most big box stores.

Glass Breaker Pen with LED Light, Screwdriver & Tungsten Tip by Bullpoint Tactical - Silver

A Glass Breaker Pen with LED Flashlight

Our Bull Point glass breaker pen includes a super bright LED flashlight on one end, which can come in very handy in dark alleys or under the hood of your car if it breaks down.

The battery is not only included, but we even give you 2 spare batteries – just in case!

All of this is included with your pen in a handsome gift box.

Glass Breaker Pen with Led Light

A Pen with a Tool Kit

No doubt a flashlight and our “bull point” glass breaking tip can come in handy in the event of an emergency, but sometimes you need a tool for more basic tasks.

The Bull Point multi-tool pen and flashlight also has a bottle opener, a flat tip screwdriver, and even a small wrench.  You’ll be amazed how often you say, “I actually think I might have the right tool for that”.

The glass breaker pen with LED light comes in three different color choices – black, silver or steel blue.

Remember, all orders over $45 ship FREE to anywhere in the US.

Glass Breaker Pen with Led Light